Where to Get 44 North Coffee (and Gear) in the Winter


Ah, the good old days of summer

If you’re addicted to the 44 North Coffee at the Stonington Farmers Market or at the Stonington cafe, take heart.

Though the coffee shop in Stonington is closed for the winter, you can still get 44 North Coffee in the Roastery at the Seamark building in Deer Isle Village. They’ll be open on Saturdays during the winter from 8 a.m. until Noon. Best yet, Tinder Hearth pastry will be available.


So sad.

If you aren’t familiar with 44 North, here’s how they describe themselves:

44 North Coffee was born in 2010 on a small island off the coast of Maine.  Founded on the principle that fresh and ethically sourced coffee sips best, we custom roast 100% Arabica coffee beans in the upstairs of the historic Deer Isle schoolhouse.  We honor the hard work of the farmers who grow our coffee by fairly purchasing seasonal organic beans and we roast to levels that highlight the best tasting notes in each cup.  Enjoy at your own line of latitude!

If you’re looking for a holiday gift for a coffee lover, 44 North offers plenty of options. There’s a coffee club subscription for $366 with a choice of Blonde Pearl Espresso Blend, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia – Yirgacheffe, Guatemala, Honduras Decaf, Honey Process Honduras, Peru, Royal Tar Blend or Sumatra.

Or consider coffee gear, from a $115 Bodum Burr Grinder to a $10 canvas tote bag — and you can shop online! Just click here. Brewing devices are tried and tested every day at 44 North’s coffee lab.  Shoulder bags are crafted by Holly Mead (in the very same building where they receive and roast these fine coffees) and Audrey Yankielun of Massachusetts (who has a wicked talent for sewing and strong family ties to Deer Isle).

You can keep up with Melissa Rafferty and Megan Wood by checking in with their blog postings on their website.


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