Nancy’s Good News From Guatemala


Nancy Wynne’s cheerful craft booth at the Stonington Farmers’ Market this summer is helping to lift the lives of extremely poor families in the Guatemala Highlands.

This month, the nonprofit finished its 25th home for needy Mayan families, thanks in part to Nancy’s continuous efforts and to the people who bought handmade Guatemalan dresses, hats or scarves from her.

To give you an idea of the conditions in which the Mayans live, here’s a picture of a ‘before’ house:


The Guatemala Housing Alliance, working with the community, is building houses like this (note the happy inhabitants of their new home).


To see a slide show of a house being built, click here.

From the most recent newsletter, we learn,

Three families worked together to build three homes. With labor their entire contribution, we are now able to build for those families whose poverty is most extreme, all the while strengthening community connections. And these are BEAUTIFUL homes, built of natural materials.

Nancy and her siblings formed the Guatemala Housing Alliance five years ago. The Island Ad-Vantage explained in a 2012 interview with Nancy how the far-flung siblings began the project.

“When my mother died four years ago, we wondered how we would stay together when the hub of the family was gone,” said Wynne

The siblings decided to focus on a project together—building homes and improving the lives of a community along Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. The lake is located in the Guatemalan Highlands, home to a population primarily composed of indigenous Mayan…

[In 2011], the siblings decided to turn their “family project” into a nonprofit, moving from a few self-funded home building projects to a whole-community focus including scholarships and support for education.

To learn more about the Guatemala Housing Alliance, visit the Alliance’s website at




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