A New Look for Blue-Zee Blueberries

Blue-Zee Farm has new packaging for its frozen wild Maine blueberries (organic, of course), and if you’ve never harvested, packaged and distributed something you’ve grown yourself – well, you have no idea what an accomplishment that is!

You may have seen Blue-Zee’s Renata Scarano at the Stonington Farmers Market selling her lovely, lovely produce. She and her husband Mark, with help from their little daughter Julia, run the 100-acre mixed vegetable and blueberry farm in Penobscot. It’s part of Blue Hill Heritage Trust’s Farmland Forever program.

You can buy Blue-Zee’s frozen blueberries at the Blue Hill Co-op and through FarmDrop. Look for the packages with the Scarano family resemblance:


Note the family resemblance

The blueberry packages are not only cute, they’re the cutting edge in packaging technology. Really. It’s all about the stand-up pouches. You’ll see more and more of them.

Super Berries

Wild blueberries have many health-giving properties, according to the Wild Blueberry Association of North America.

Scientists around the world are investigating the disease-fighting potential of blueberries – and the quantity of this research is growing by leaps and bounds. Studies of these antioxidant-rich super berries and the bioactive phytonutrients that give them their deep-blue color reveal a wide range of potential health benefits. From brain health, gut and heart health to cancer prevention, improved urinary tract function and a reduction in diabetes risk, blueberry research is changing the way we all look at this tiny, potent berry!

And freezing wild blueberries doesn’t harm their nutritional value.

We’re fortunate to live in Maine, one of the few places the wild blueberry grows. (The other is Canada.)


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