Meet Robin Byrne, River Wind Woolies


Robin Byrne at River Wind Woolies has been making and selling lots of pretty woolen pillows this season.

Here’s one of her latest:

robin cushions

Artist Jill Hoy, a Stonington favorite, bought one this summer.

robin jill hoy

Stop by the Stonington Farmers Market on Friday and pick up one or two of Robin’s sweet pillows. Ask Robin about her wool-covered soap!

Look for Robin’s big yellow River Wind Woolies sign, down the hill and to the right (toward the Island Community Center).

Robin lives in Brooksville, Maine, with her husband, two sons, six cats, one dog, some chickens and sometimes other livestock.

“For as long as I can remember I have been crafting with my hands, the first of which were taught to me by my mother and grandmother,” says Robin. “Because of the influence of these two great women I am always drawn back to fiber and needle work. I hope you line my work as much as I do making it!”


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