El El Edgehill

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Drinks on the porch whilst the sun sets, then dinner in the barn…

The barn at Edgehill…..

So, the reason we are all here (I am speaking of my kinfolk, now) is this great big house my ancestors bought back in ’05. You see, there have been many generations of us around here- first there were those rusticators, taking the steamship up from Boston and disembarking at the Sargentville wharf to spend the summer amongst the trees and the berries. Then my grandmother and her sister were deeded the place, and my mom and aunts and cousins all spent their summers here, swimming in the Mill Pond, having cookouts down at the shore of the Reach. I spent nearly every summer of my life, up until I was 19 or 20 playing in the barn and getting into all manner of trouble running around here. My people started sticking around back in 1970, when my aunt and uncle came for the summer and never left. My folks moved to town in the late 80’s, my cousins and I years later. Now there are like 20 of us when we get together for dinner, and even though we all have our own residences and jobs and families, there is still this big old house sitting right in the middle of it all. While it is mostly rented out to folks who want to have the kind of rustic/chic/hippy/cool weddings we have all been having there for years,  and this taqueria seems to be keeping us pretty busy all summer, Fall is generally the only time Michele and I get to go over there and hang out. We were thinking that it might be fun to start our Supper Club season a little earlier this year (like before The Freeze comes) and have decided to host a dinner over at Edgehill.
We’d like you to join us!

We will start out with some tasty vittles on the porch, and then get settled in the barn for a sumptuous multi-course feast. We’ll play the same vaguely-Latino iTunes playlist we have been playing for 10 years (which none of you have ever noticed is the same every time!) that we play in the Supper Clubs back at the taqueria. We’ll have the same gracious-yet-unhurried service, and share the general conviviality that have made these dinners so much fun for so many winters. And it will (should) be well above freezing!

SO, call us right now at
to make a reservation!
We eat Saturday, September 17, commencing at 6:00pm.

You know these things sell-out right away. We have given ample warning of this impending required action on your part. And we’ll even have a menu soon! One that we will be very proud of. A menu that we will happily share with you. One that I am sure will have many delicious items crafted from the Fall bounty of the Blue Hill Peninsula’s seasonal harvest. Rest assured, you will be amongst the first to know what we plan to serve at this dinner. Anytime now…..

For reservations,more info, or if you just need to chat, call us at 207.359.2486
Operators are standing by


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