New Webmaster Needed


Katy Allgeyer has notified the Stonington Farmers Market board that this will be her final season managing our very active year-round website. The website was created by Katy as a gift to the market in 2009 and has been solely designed and managed by her –frequently with daily posts in season–in the seven years since. This was an unpaid position up until last year when the vendors decided to express their appreciation by awarding an annual $1,000 stipend to Katy. We all join president Bob Bowen in thanking Katy for a job well done.

“The website has been a labor of love and I very much appreciate the recognition that the vendors gave me for this effort. I’m going in new directions with my life now and feel it is time to pass this responsibility on to others. It’s been a pleasure serving the market and the community in this way and I do hope that the site I created has enhanced the stature of and accessibility to our vendors at least a little”, Allgeyer said. “I’ve enjoyed working with my fellow vendors at the market.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 9.42.30 AM.png

We need at least one and possibly a team of volunteers to keep the site alive. If you would like a shot at it, the stipend will be continuing as this is now a paid volunteer position. It’s relatively easy and fun if you have the following skills.

SKILLS NEEDED: blog format is used. The site is already in place and you would just need a computer so you can access the site online from anywhere to keep posting to it. All the posts are automatically transferred to the Stonington Farmers Market facebook page.

Taking photographs or obtaining them from others; being able to upload them to the site.

Facebook– you would be added to the Admin group so that you would keep up with any inquiries received by facebook message. Very little needs to be done with this.

Writing and communications skills.

People skills. Contact with vendors year round soliciting news for the site.

More details about how it’s done can be gotten from Katy but we would like to encourage someone to take on the position by end of August so it can be finalized at the Annual Meeting and also so that Katy may help the new person learn the ropes before she heads off island for the winter. Contact



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