El El Playground Grant Kicks Off Fundraising Efforts in Sedgwick

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Playgrounds are fun!

So here in Sedgwick, we don’t really have a park of any kind. Sure we have lots of woods, and some amazing beaches, and the Cedar Works structure at our taqueria gets a ton of use, for sure. But we have no recreation center. We still drive Jasper to the Blue Hill park sometimes to play on the structure there. Parks are great, a nice gathering place, a space to have a birthday party, or to toss a football. Most of us can’t launch our model rockets in our yards, either.

A bunch of us have been thinking on this, and have decided that we are going to make the Sedgwick School the recreation center for the whole community. The fact that the school is geographically pretty much in the center of the Peninsula/Island region is pretty obvious too, if you look at a map. It is a great choice for a place to go play. Many folks are unaware there is a already a 3/4 mile fitness trail (with those workout stations!) that runs through the woods at the school, and a huge soccer/ball field too. There is also a play structure there, that aside from a few small pieces the School Improvement Team was able to buy a few years ago, is like 25 years old. We need to do better.

We have formed the Sedgwick Community Playground committee. A few people who are going to work with the community to build a new play structure.

Step one was Michele writing a proposal for a $15,000 grant from the Kaboom foundation in Washington D.C. No surprise to me, but her application was accepted, and we are to be the recipient of this generous grant that will pay for half of our new structure. She scored us $15 grand, the rest needs to be raised by donations from our community.

To kick off this capital campaign, we are going big-

Starting today, EL EL FRIJOLES will donate 10% of our sales in the taqueria every Sunday in August!

Sure, we picked the 4 busiest days of the entire year to do this. Sure we could really use that money to support us through the coming long winter. But someone needs to get out in front and take the lead on this, so we are going for it- We know that you guys are going to join us, and that we can do this together. Yes we can! We will be happy to collect your direct donation to the fund as well. We’ll come up with a coffee can or a fish tote we can all fill with cash and checks (made out to Sedgwick School with Playground Fund in the memo). We are also going to come after some you directly (the lucky ones!) and ask you for a substantial donation. Because this is a great idea. Because we can all afford to help a little bit for the greater good. Many hands make light work! In fact, there is a whole other group of you that will be called upon to join us on May 20th, 2017 for the community build day. We plan to ask for 100% participation from the school community too. We are going to get every student, staff member and family to donate what they can, because when we all participate, we’ll totally succeed.

If we all get together on this, it will be fairly painless, and in the end there will be a place where people of all ages can go and get their ya ya’s out that is located right in the heart of our community.

Recreation, play, exercise, community. What is there not to like? We hope to see you ( and your donation) soon!

-Michael, Michel and Jasper

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