Every Friday There’s a Bluemoon

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Marse Armory’s Bluemoon Market Arts is a fixture at the Stonington Farmers Market on Fridays from 10AM to Noon. She offers a profusion of her hand made colorful glass jewelry and objets d’art. You can also find her at many of the other markets around the region.

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Look for Bluemoon Market Arts at the commons in Castine for the July 14th Bastille Day festivities all day long. Or check out the Bluemoon Market Arts Etsy Shop. Call 512-445-5215 for more info.


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4 responses to “Every Friday There’s a Bluemoon

  1. Thanks Katy I still have not heard from Betsey Lieser in Castine… Hoping to join in the festivities over in Castine!!! If not I’ll be in Deer Isle Village at the Artisans Market from 10am until 2pm there are 12 of us with a wide variety of hand wrought arts /crafts and fine arts! No food so eat before you come!!
    Marcie AMORY / Bluemoon Market Arts


  2. Thanks! I am still awaiting word on joining the others in Castine if anyone knows Betsey Lieser ask her to call me 512 445 5215. If no room on Commons I’ll be at my regular Thursday gig in Deer Isle Village from 10am until 2 pm The Artisans Market has much to offer… A few folks come that do not come to any of the Farmers Markets so you might see something new!


  3. WordPress won’t allow me to leave you a posted comment … It declares a duplicate statement !!! No word on the Commons as yet! So my big gig on Thursday is the Artisans Market at the Town Hall playground lot in Deer Isle Village! 12 Artists with amazing skills most unseen at Farmers Markets …unique work! 10am until 2pm every Thursday rain or shine … Eat before you come… We are all about fine art/ and hand craft … No food! Thanks for the pics and kind words! Marcie AMORY Bluemoon Market Arts

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  4. Thnx!


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