CIEE Host Families Needed

I am a Regional Director working for CIEE, the non-profit agency that coordinates foreign exchange students.  We are one of the agencies that the State Department has designated to supervise the students when they come into the country.  Our mission is to help people gain understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world. We are always looking for good host families to help make sure the students that come here have an enriching stay.

I am writing today because we have a couple students coming to the Stonington area for the 2016-2017 high school year and we need assistance in finding them good homes and families.  In your position in the community, I thought you may be someone or know of someone that would like to host a CIEE student.   We accept all kinds of families – kids, no kids, empty nesters, single parents, and so on. The main requirement is kindness and a willingness to learn about a foreign culture. Families who welcome a student will not only gain a new member, but will also learn about the world, its many values, traditions, languages, food, and more.

Our students have the appropriate visa, medical insurance and pay for all of their own expenses, with the exception of food and utilities. Students are between the ages of 15-18. They are arriving in August and are on a 10 month program. A family may act as a welcome family and bring the student into your community for a part of their experience as well.

If you are not in the position right now to host a student, we would greatly appreciate your help in forwarding this along to your network of friends and family.

Thank you for your time!


YOU16167ME – Girl. Eleonora is a 16 year old girl from ITALY. Hi! I am Eleonora, I’m 16 years old, Italy in a building which was built in the 30’s, last century, twenty minutes walking from downtown. I am an only child and attend the High school, one of the best and hardest high schools. I like outdoor activities and to spend some of my free time for those less lucky than me, too. After a beautiful journey in the USA last summer I felt the desire to know better your country and it seemed to me that the best way was to spend a school year there. People say I have a good character, I have a smile for everybody and try to be friendly. I have great expectations and I am sure I will not be disappointed!. GPA: 3.50 ELTiS Form 1 Score: 226


XPL16092ME – Boy. Otto is a 16 year old boy from GERMANY. I love to have fun with my friends and family. I enjoy playing badminton and piano. But my favorite hobby is photography. I spend a lot time behind my camera taking photos of nature or people. In the USA I would like to join in a photography club and working volunteer for a charity organization, because I love to do this kind of work. In my host family I could cook some typical German food or tell about the German culture. I have not participated in an exchange before, but I am excited to live in another country to learn about your culture. I love animals, we have three horses and a dog here in Germany. I live together with my parents and have a older sister. They and my friends would probably describe me as active, open-minded, polite and interested. GPA: 3.40 ELTiS Form 1 Score: 233 Program Length: 5 months


F1GOR16506 – Girl. Jiali is a 14 year old girl from CHINA. I usually make my bed, sweep the floor, wash clothes and wash the dishes. I can do some cooking sometimes. I’d like to do everything.I am an active girl and I like taking part in after-school activities.I have many hobbies. I like watching movies, playing the guitar and playing the violin, listening to music, hanging out with my friends and eating delicious food. I like animals very much and I’ve kept lots of pets, like rabbits, tortoises, hamsters and so on.. GPA: 4.00 ELTiS Form 1 Score: 220. Will attend Maine Girls Academy (formerly McAuley)



Regional Director MD ME NH VA VT


300 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101


tel +1.207.553.7812

fax +1.207.553.9412



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