Burritos & Bonfire March 4th

Sargentville-based taqueria EL EL FRIJOLES, Mexican Food will host it’s annual Burritos & Bonfire event on Friday Evening, March 4th 2016 from 3 to 7pm. This event is presented in conjunction with Maine Restaurant Week, which takes place State-wide March 1-12 2016.

To celebrate the dead of winter and the prospect of wInter travel to warmer climes, EL EL FRIJOLES hosts this annual event to draw people together to share in the warmth of a big fire, and the magic of delicious food. Available this year will be a quartet of travel-themed, gourmet specialty burritos that will offer something for everyone. Options will include gluten- free, vegan and vegetarian choices. Diners can choose from four popular destinations:

Cuba- With roasted pork, ham, pickles and a yellow mustard sauce.
Oaxaca- Made with Sedgwick-grown rabbit stewed in a spicy red chile molé. Louisiana Bayou- Spicy, cajun-style blackened shrimp.
Kathmandu- Savory, spiced spinach saag with potatoes and mixed vegetables.

As has been the case in previous years, children who don’t want to eat a burrito will be fed complimentary cheese quesadillas.

The regular menu will be suspended for this special event. Food will be available on a first- come first-served basis, and it should be noted that this event has always sold out in the past. Bonfire & Burritos takes place outdoors, behind the Taqueria at 41 Caterpillar Hill Road (Rt.15)

in Sargentville. Cash, checks or credit cards will be accepted. Warm clothing or insulated gorilla/bunny costumes are suggested.

EL EL FRIJOLES is the award-winning taqueria founded 10 years ago in a barn behind Chef Michele Levesque and her husband Michael Rossney’s home in the small, seaside village of Sargentville Maine. EL EL FRIJOLES is open Wednesday and Thursday from 11am to 7 pm in the Winter, and Tuesday through Sunday 11am to 8pm all summer. Special 5-course Supper Club dinners are offered via reservation on select winter weekends.

For more information, see the EL EL FRIJOLES website (www.elelfrijoles.com) or visit their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/elelfrijoles/?ref=hl).
Additional information may be gleaned by calling the restaurant directly at 207.359.2486.

EL EL FRIJOLES, Mexican Food

41 Caterpillar Hill Road Sargentville, ME 04673 207.359.2486 elelfrijoles.com


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