Art and Nature Jan 26th

Mark your Calendar: Next Tuesday, January 26th, 7:00PM – Convergence of art and nature

Join us for a film screening and a discussion of the work of the artist JOSEPH FIORE with Richard Kane and others at Opera House Arts. The film is about one half hour, two of Fiore’s paintings will be on show, and the discussion session will fill out the hour or so; the OHA concessions stand will be open. This event is free and open to everyone.

Joseph Fiore was part of a contingent of NYC artists who made their way to Maine in the 1950s. This revealing portrait shines new light on the life of this painter who came into prominence teaching art at the pioneering Black Mountain College. Alongside Josef Albers, Willem deKooning and other artists, Fiore helped create an incubator that defined 20th century American aesthetics. Fairfield Porter said of Joseph Fiore’s work, it “focuses on a fragment of Nature’s whole, the deep empathy, embodying a form of modesty, even humility.”

His stunning pictographic rock paintings are part of a collection that Maine Farmland Trust has placed in museums and other non-profits. IHT has received two of the “rock paintings,” which will be on display during the film and discussion. This event is part of a series of presentations on Fiore’s work and significance to Maine Art.

​”Can you imagine walking through an art museum and not seeing any trees? No mountains or streams, sunrises or sunsets? No birds or horses? No boats on rough waves or relaxing landscapes?

It’s impossible, because nature is everywhere in art – from the literal to the abstract inspiration provided by the textures, colors and sounds of the natural world.

Being outdoors can lift our spirits and stoke our creativity. The beauty of nature reflected in art is just another reminder of our need to protect it. “[]


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