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Dear Granola Friends

Still no snow in our part of Maine and it feels damp and miserable but I am not even noticing as I don’t quite have time to breathe at the moment!

We are busy sending out lots of lovely holiday orders and parcels. I can’t keep enough 44 North Coffee in stock for our bundles, luckily they are just down the way, so we are getting a freshly roasted batch today.  I keep looking at the box of Northwoods Gourmet Girl’s Caramel Sauce fantasizing about what to do with it—I love pouring it over a chocolate whiskey bundt cake I make. Abby’s sauce is so perfect that I stopped making my own—you really should try it. We also have some of her jams. So good.

Not much else going on. My girls both have finals at their universities, Sam is excited to be in his first chess meet this weekend and Clifton is on a mission to save a number of his beloved Mangalitsa pigs who are on a farm in Michigan that has to close. Clifton’s idea of preparing for the holidays is pulling a consortium of local farmers together to bring a truckload of furry pigs to Maine (!!!!!). Maybe he should ask Santa. furry pig in snowI have not even had time to make my favorite English Christmas Cake yet. It should have been made in October (to allow the wonderful European dried fruit to totally steep in the mix) so I suppose a few more days won’t make a difference!

Hanukkah candles are lit every night and Sam has declared it the best holiday ever. What’s not to like with presents, dreidls (sanctioned gambling for children) and chocolate money? Not to mention latkes. I may have overdone the potato pancakes—even Clifton has had enough for a few days. One night my best baker and friend Simone came over and we made latkes closely followed by amazing apple fritter doughnuts. They were delicious, but even we regretted it the next day!

We just sent a large parcel to the Virgin Islands (Christiansted sounds so glamorous) and have been sending them all over the States. None yet to the Dakotas or Alaska but plenty to almost everywhere else. It’s not too late for us to do large or small orders for friends, clients, employees—we can pack, wrap and ship the same day as getting the orders. Let us know how we can help you!

Meanwhile let’s remember what’s really important at this time of year—love, friendship, kindness and tolerance. There doesn’t seem to be quite enough of any of those things at the moment so let’s give of our hearts generously. No shipping needed!



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