Meeting Minutes 2015

Here are the minutes from the 2015 Annual Stonington Farmers Market meeting held last Friday. …here:

The fall vendors’ meeting was held on Sept.4, 2015
Not all vendors were present, but some 25-30 vendors participated.
The meeting began at 12:10.

The closing date for the market this year was decided to be Sept. 18th; unanimously agreed to by those vendors present.

A question was raised about expanding vendor parking space directly behind the
old school building by blasting the ledge bordering the present parking lot.
While one vendor was in favor of this plan, the majority voted against the plan.

Re the web site: Katy Allgeyer who has managed this for us for some years,
reluctantly agreed to continue to do so for 2016, but perhaps on a smaller scale.
The market voted to make a $1000 payment to Katy for her services during the
past year.

Some discussion about the composition of the Membership Committee, which has
managed vendor applications and space allocations. Some of the present members
are due to retire. Two vendors came forward to fill out the committee membership,
namely, Marylyn Plowman and David Livingston. Herman Kidder had previously
said that he would serve as a member, but he was not present at the meeting.
Michael Rossney’s future participation is still to be determined. Charles Read
indicated that he would continue to chair this committee.

Election of Market Officers was held. Bob Bowen and the undersigned were nominated by Marcie Emory as President and Secretary, respectively, and voted upon unanimously.
Caty Frazier indicated to Bob that she would continue as Treasurer next year.
A complete treasurers’ report will be available to all by next market on Sep 11th.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:25.

Respectfully Submitted
Courtenay Haight, Sec’y


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