Pauline Boyce doesn’t have a website. She doesn’t have a facebook page either. But fortunately for Pauline, her business is represented here on our Stonington Farmers Market website and someone recently found her via the SFM facebook page. Without this complimentary service to our vendors, a sale would have been lost.
Pauline hand spins and dyes gorgeous yarn for knitters and sells them under the banner “Rumplestilskin” every week in season at the Stonington Farmers Market on Fridays 10AM to Noon. One of the many visitors to our island bought some of her unique yarn for a project earlier in the summer and ran out of wool. She needed to order more and could not remember the name of the vendor she purchased it from. The customer contacted our webmaster via the market facebook page and asked for the yarn supplier and a way to contact her. We were happy to provide Pauline’s email address to the customer and we’re told that more wool was obtained from Rumplestilkskin.


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