Libra Woods Charm


Let me read your horoscope: if you come to the Stonington Farmers Market this Friday from 10AM to Noon you will find the most gorgeous heirloom tomatoes and mini-shallots at Libra Woods Farm.

Look for Richard and his Libra Woods stand  at the left hand side on the bottom of the hill in the market’s main aisle.All the charm you expect at a farmers market you’ll find here.

He has some pretty zucchini and summer squash, too. Perfect for that zook chip recipe we published on the website a few weeks ago.

These petite shallots are a very popular item. Richard also grows garlic and told me that this year he sold out. That’s 1500 heads of garlic, to be exact! People are eating smarter and locally grown produce is good for you. Be sure to check out Libra Woods’ jams and preserves while you’re there. They make great gifts.



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