A Bride’s Best Friend

Summer is wedding season in Maine and Dan’s Flower Farm is usually first on every downeast bride’s list of flora providers. Come to the Stonington Farmers Market this Friday from 10AM to Noon and find Dan’s Flower Farm in the middle off-central aisle near the Community Center. IMG_7914

Dan's Flower Farm

Dan’s Flower Farm


One response to “A Bride’s Best Friend

  1. Hi there,I notice you do a lot of promotion of the different vendors at the market. any way you can do something in August with Island Soap? People love my gift boxes to bring home as gifts. Many buy them to give as gifts to the people who have been caring for their pets or homes while away. Others save it for holiday gift giving. Not sure if you need any pictures which I can provide. Not sure if you’d also like me to provide the copy for the few sentences you would write. let me know if this is a possiblity thanks, Gisele Bridges Island soap


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