Art By Katy News

This summer you can find Art By Katy at the Stonington Farmers Market from 10AM to Noon every Friday. Or you can swing by her art studio-gallery around the corner at 22 Weed Field Road (just follow the signs!) where the artist is often open late or by chance & appointment. (Call367-6369)
In addition you are invited to see some of Katy’s newest work featuring her “Blue” series at the Hutton Gallery and to attend the Artist’s Reception being held at Hutton this Sunday from Noon to 6PM.
Don’t be surprised if you recognize some of Katy’s work at the Millbrook Company Restaurant in Sedgwick’s revolving art show.


One response to “Art By Katy News

  1. Hi Katy Owl stools will be heading to Grand Lake Stream this weekend !Grand Lake Stream Folk Art Festival Home but Iana will be offering amazing flower bouquets ! and she will bring a few Owl stools to our booth this fri ! thanks Geoff


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