Our Variety is Endless: 6 Things You Didn’t Know About the SFM

We opened our Stonington Farmers Market last Friday and continue to be open every Friday now in season from 10AM to Noon. If you’re a newbie to the best farmers market in Maine you may not know that…

[1] We are a dog friendly market. Well behaved people and pooches are welcome here 🙂

[2] We are open RAIN OR SHINE every Friday from 10AM to Noon. That’s right: you can count on us being open and serving your pantry and gift needs even if the sun don’t shine.mkt2

[3] We’ve got EVERYTHING you need from breakfast to lunch to dinner. Heck we even have Lobster Shack‘s fresh caught lobstah.

From The Lobster Shack

From The Lobster Shack

[4] We are the best place in the peninsula region to find gifts and mementos made in Maine with superior craftspeople and artisans of all kinds. From handspun knitting yarn to handmade sweaters to handturned wooden bowls and cutting boards and spoons, to jewelry and gourds and books and fine art paintings. Too many items to list here: come EXPLORE the Stonington Farmers Market every Friday from 10AM to Noon.

Deer Isle Wool's yummy yarns.

Deer Isle Wool’s yummy yarns.

[5] We have many vendors selling gourmet prepared food so that you do not have to spend all your summer vacation in the kitchen. Tandoor Downeast serves up prepared Indian cuisine, Far East Cuisine has Asian delights, El El Frijoles has Mexican food, Water’s Edge has bagels and spreads and more….just to name a few.

Bich Nga, Chef Owner of Far East Cuisine

Bich Nga, Chef Owner of Far East Cuisine

[6] If you think veggies are the only thing available at the Stonington Farmers Market, think again! Smith’s Log Smoke House has an amazing variety of locally smoked meats and cheeses; Sunset Farm & Dairy carries thick grass fed steaks, pork, and chicken, goat’s cheese and more;Old Ackley Farm has whole organic chickens; Poland Family Farm serves up pork products, and Morningstar Seafood has fresh caught crab meat. Yummmmmmmmmm!


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