Granola Chick

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 8.42.27 AM

This Friday from 10AM to Noon the Stonington Farmers Market will be open for the first time in the 2015 season. Be sure to come by to pick up your yumm-yumms and say hello to all of your favorite vendors (and meet some new ones!). You can even sign up for vendor newsletters like Lucy’s Granola. Here is a small sample from Lucy’s latest one:
Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 8.43.10 AM

We have been incubating chicks (never again as they stink) and letting one of our hens go broody – the chicks are the sweetest things ever.  Sam spends hours talking to them about important things (Harry Potter and James Bond, I imagine) but they are wonderful.  The pigs are now big and greedy – I am scared of them but they are so funny and behave like such pigs!

Thanks so much as ever and I hope you are all as well as can be.



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