Market Opens May 22

Friday May 22nd from 10AM to Noon is the official start date for the Stonington Farmers Market. We look forward to a great season and to seeing all of our vendors and customers.



3 responses to “Market Opens May 22

  1. Gisele Bridges

    Hi there, thanks for the opening date. I spoke with Michael a few weeks ago as I have not heard if I am accepted back. I would assume so as Island Soap has been part of the market for many years. Because I bought the business in 2013 I was on “trial” last summer. I am “assuming” that I am accepted though no one has said so.

    I am wondering if you could include me in your list of vendors. I was not on the list last year as it was my trial year. I do have a website: and would appreciate if you could list me and have the link to go my site.Thanks so much, can’t wait for this year’s market to start!! Gisele Bridges Island Soap


  2. Hi Gisele–
    You’ve been added to our Vendor Directory and side links today since you were a member of last year’s market. I haven’t received the update list for this year yet from the Application Committee but when I do it will be posted.


  3. The Application Committee is meeting this Thursday to determine the final lineup of vendors. I will put the info online as soon as I receive it. Thank you.


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