Marketing the Market

As of today,we have 682 people registered to get the Stonington Farmers Market weblog posts directly to their email accounts. Probably most of our vendors are registered so that leaves roughly 600 people subscribing to hear our news. About half of the number of people we get through our actual market during high season traffic in July and August are here reading these posts all year long. They are subscribing–that means they want to hear what is going on with our Stonington Farmers Market vendor businesses. This is a wonderful opportunity (especially for those of us with small businesses that don’t even have our own websites) to create a customer base that will seek you out this summer at the market and maybe even on the off season during peak retail shopping periods such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Graduation.

What’s posted here is what the webmaster receives from our vendor community. You may have noticed that certain vendors always have news. This is not favoritism. It’s just that some of us take our business seriously and are consistently marketing and creating. In addition to this weblog we have a Stonington Farmers Market Facebook Page. Every post on the website is automatically included on the Facebook page as well. Incidentally, we have 522 Friend Likes on our Facebook and for all we know these are additional people who don’t follow the website. Over 1200 people we are reaching with our current marketing efforts. And that is a fraction of the actual because many more people read the content without subscribing to it.

To keep this dynamic site going your webmaster needs a steady stream of your news. She tries to dig it up on her own by investigating Stonington Farmers Market vendor websites and facebook pages. But as you can imagine, that takes much more time than reading your targeted news in a press release or paragraph emailed to her directly. What is news? If you have a farm, our readers would love to see photos of your baby animals. If you’re growing seedlings, why not send us some info on that? If you’re making crafts in preparation for the busy summer season how about sending in some pics and a little bit about your process? People want to know more about the people behind the booths. Send in your news, your pics, your recipes. Help keep this site alive and vibrant!

Thank you.

This site was created and is operated on a volunteer basis by webmaster / vendor Katy Allgeyer.



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