Attn All Road Warriors on Deer Isle

The Stonington Farmers Market is a major destination during summer season for residents and tourists alike. The road getting there is mainly Route 15. Please take time to read the following urge for action to keep our island’s heartline a priority for Maine DOT funding:

Hello Island Businesses and Residents—

As everyone of you probably knows, the roads on this island are starting to resemble the surface of the moon.  To make matters worse, it seems like the Maine Department of Transportation might not be giving our stretch of Route 15 too much funding in the coming years.  That being said, there is an opportunity to fix this—but it will require your help.

From maine.govThe Maine Department of Transportation is looking to “Talk Transportation” and seeks public input regarding any and all types of transportation issues during a series of public meetings throughout the state in February, March and April. Input from the meetings will help MaineDOT understand the needs of the public and various stakeholders to help the Department formulate its Long-Range Transportation Needs Assessment. The Long-Range Transportation Needs Assessment documents anticipated transportation system needs for the future 20 years, with particular emphasis on the next 10 years. Public input is an important part of this long-range transportation planning process. The meetings will also allow for the Department to inform the public about its activities and programs while obtaining information regarding any immediate concerns or needs from the participants.

In short: the Maine DOT wants your input about issues you encounter on your travels.  You can attend a meeting in person, if you’d like (a schedule of these meetings can be found here), or, you can fill out a comment form online, found here.

I have attached a brochure( Brochure MDOT) that gives a little bit of information on the DOT and who represents each region of Maine.

Thank you for reading the long email!

Henry Teverow

Economic Development Director

207-367-2351 ext. 11


One response to “Attn All Road Warriors on Deer Isle

  1. i find that because there are major portions of the road on both sides that are eaten away and the amount of huge frost heaves and dips, people are forced to drive closer to the middle of the road (which isnt much better) and it becomes very dangerous when cars are trying to drive on both sides of the road passing each other, its either a head on collision or a bent rim, of which i have had 2…. it is very dangerous…. and very damaging to the vehicles..


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