A Milestone

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 10.27.25 AMThe Stonington Farmers Market website is a blog. There, we said it. The reason the blog format was chosen for our site was so that it could be a vital active site vs. a static page of information. Even though our market is seasonal, our *Frendors* are active all year long and continue to have products available for sale. Many of our vendors are businesses and individuals that are too small to spend money and time on their own web presence. That’s why our SFM website is so important– we get the word out about ALL our vendors ALL the time. And, the posts written about our vendors remain searchable on this site for ALL time. To date 725 posts—press releases in the form of full length articles and content–have been written here about our market vendors. That’s a lot of free publicity!

The website & facebook  was initiated and continues to be voluntarily updated on a continual basis by vendor Art by Katy. Vendors send your news throughout the year to katyallgeyer@mac.com.



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