Caption Contest at Lucy’s Granola

News from Stonington Farmers Market vendor Lucy’s Granola:


Dear Granola Friends

The year really has gone fast and it’s almost Thanksgiving and the Holidays again.  Since I last sent a newsletter I had a wonderful few days in Tuscany with my Mum and siblings (no partners or children!) to celebrate her 80th birthday.  It was sunny and perfect and funny and I only had two rows with my brother so I feel great although sad as ever to leave them all in England.
However, good times are coming here for Thanksgiving – Imogen will be home from College for the first time (Maine will seem warm after Minnesota), Cecily is off to Prague having met stringent conditions (apply to college, get a weekend job and plan for her independent studies work) and Sam is now the bringer inner of wood!  Clifton is preparing madly for winter (pigs, cows, chickens, gardens, screens, leaves, gutters, wood) and I am busy with granola and making all the rest just sort of happen!  We have a huge turkey who is happily roaming around a farm on Mount Desert Island and I just hope the poor thing will fit in my oven! (Not the granola oven!).
I have lovely pictures of granola gift ideas here and on the website order form – we would love to do your gifts for you and hope you like the jars and bags we have found.  We are also delighted to do as many corporate gifts as you would like – just order as soon as possible.  Anything not obvious, please email me and I will happily send them out to your friends and clients for you. Any combination of burlap bags, jars and bags etc is possible – just call (207-374-2251) or email and we will sort out what you want. I can also do different size jars etc so just ask if you want a different mix.
The cows were real!  As Clifton was setting up for the pictures in the field they escaped and when he rounded them up, I was taking the pictures.  They are so friendly and curious they just wanted to see what was on the table!  The best caption for the cow picture wins a burlap bag of granola goodies.  Bring it on!

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