The View From Our FaRview Farmers

FaRview Farm‘s Ann Flewelling and Charlie Read are both home recovering now from their car collision that was state-wide news here in Maine. Many of our Stonington Farmers Market community have asked what they could do to help our fellow Frendors in their time of need. I asked Ann if there was anything we could do. Ann and Charlie are pretty much covered during the week but the weekend meals and some fresh faces to visit with would be very welcome.

If you’d like to drop by to say hi on the weekends or holidays please contact Ann directly via her email at If you wish to send a card of support and need their snail mail address please contact and it will be emailed to you. Here is one of Ann’s photographs of FaRview Farm followed by Ann’s letter.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 7.30.23 AM
Dear Katy & Frendors,
After a three week stint at Eastern Maine Medical Center beginning Oct 21st, Charlie and I graduated from ICU to Trauma to Rehab, thence home a week ago Nov 10th. We’re confined to our first floor, wheeling around like clumsy would-be pros, right legs held high. Quite a pair we are, each impaired on the right side, foot, leg, chest (sternums, ribs), arm. Also Charlie has left broken collar bone and I have a c7 neck fracture of C7. He has 10 fractures, I have only 9. Gotta laugh. And we do. Happy to be here.
Are making do quite well. Have friends coming in about 9 pm to 6 am to sleep above us just for the safety of it, not that we’ve needed anything so far.

Community response has been so generous. GSA began sending delicious meals this Mon and Thurs. Can imagine that a weekend dish and/or visit from SFM would be wonderful.

Got a handicap ramp finished yesterday, just in time to navigate to a ride to Bangor for a Trauma clinic appointment.
Amedisys is providing us with excellent in home nursing, physical therapy, and occupational therapy care.

We’re told we might be home and wheelchair bound for 3 to 6 months, though always improving. We are so fortunate that everything that is currently “broken” in us should heal with time.

Have been so grateful and touched by the huge outpouring of friendly gestures and concern.
Much appreciation to you for being in touch.


One response to “The View From Our FaRview Farmers

  1. It sounds like you’ll be back at the SFM for the 2015 season! No doubt we will all help you with the heavy tent lifting etc. Take good care and heal yourselves 🙂


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