Farview Farmers in Critical Condition

Attention all Frendors of the Stonington Farmers Market:  we’ve just heard an alarming report on the local news that our fellow vendors Charles Read and Anne Flewelling of Farview Farm were involved in a head on collision this morning. We do not have any details yet other than that and a life flight was called for. Please keep them in your hearts and prayers. If we find out what hospital we will post it so that cards or flowers can be sent.
DSC08294Anne (center) and Charles Read (right) in their booth at the Stonington Farmers Market this past summer.



5 responses to “Farview Farmers in Critical Condition

  1. katy I need some info asap. Can you call me. 326-4741


  2. Here is more information about the crash: http://www.ellsworthamerican.com/featured/three-injured-blue-hill-crash/

    Anne is all right and so is the driver of the other car who is from Deer Isle. The Ellsworth American is reporting that Charles was taken to Easter Medical Center.


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