Pop-Up Market To Open in Stonington

Dear Stonington Farmers Market Vendors— there is a new conceptual “Pop Up Market” happening soon in Stonington. Linda Nelson of Opera House Arts invites us to create a mini Farmers Market within the concept. See more below and do not hesitate to contact her about the opportunity.

Dear fellow downtown businesspeople,

I’m writing as a member and on behalf of a subcommittee of the Stonington Economic Development Committee’s subcommittees working to promote more “shoulder season” business activity for our local businesses.
Our first activity is coming up NOVEMBER 1 and it is not too late to participate: please read on for details.
We are initially focusing our efforts in two ways:
* on building activity around events or programs already planned by one of our businesses, rather than trying to create new “festivals” or special events
* on building activity in downtown Stonington
If we are successful in building economic activity in these ways–both from island residents and in drawing visitors down the Peninsula from Ellsworth and beyond–we can expand and take on larger strategies!
Our first special promotion weekend is coming out in two weeks, on Saturday, November 1, and it is not too late to participate if you are not yet involved. You should see word of it hit social networking, newspapers, etc. early this week.
November 1 is many things to many people: the day after Halloween for must of us, All Saints Day for some folks, and, increasingly around the country and world, a celebration known as the Day of the Dead. This is a Latin American celebration of lost loved ones and brings Halloween and All Saints Days together…
For the second straight year, the Opera House is having a dance with live music from the Blue Hill bandMERTHER and festive foods that night (including a beer tasting with STRONG BREWING CO of Sedgwick, and special snacks from El El Frijoles). The dance begins at 7 p.m.
Prior to that, on Saturday afternoon, other downtown businesses (including The Dry Dock and Unexpected Treasures) are staying open until 7; the Harbor Cafe and Opera House are offering discounts; and we are hoping to have our first Pop Up Marketplace trial at the Odd Fellows Hall.
How can you participate?
* keep your business open until 7 pm
* craft and food vendors: take a table at the Pop Up Marketplace at the Oddfellows Building from 4 to 7 pm(if you are interested in this option, reply directly to me)
* offer a special of some sort (discount, item, etc.) to anyone with a Day of the Dead card — which means they’ve been trolling Main St. and been to at least one other business!
decorate — ESPECIALLY with lights, to make Stonington glow! for other Day of the Dead decoration ideas, see this: http://www.mexicansugarskull.com/cool/doddecorations.html
promote — we are working with the Ellsworth and Blue Hill Chambers of Commerce to get the word out, as well as local radio and newspaper promotions. But some of the best promotions will come from you directly to your customer or fan bases — share the event on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or whatever you are using these days to communicate with your customers!
The Pop Up Marketplace is a new idea — designed to be fast, small, quick, and without a lot of extra organizing, to give those without a Stonington Main Street storefront a way to participate in the foot traffic we hope these special promotions begin to draw. Talk to us about this!
It will take some time to build these “quick hit” make-Stonington-your-destination promotions (and again, we are talking about this for local residents as much as visitors–we can all better “buy local” and keep Stonington alive!), so we will try this again around WINTERFEST  in January, and again on a date to be named in May or June…also, Stonington supports SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY on November 29, and the Opera House will be hosting a free holiday movie plus caroling by our school Show Choir on Saturday, December 6.
One of the most important things that will make this concept work is for us as local businesses to share with each other what we are planning. If you want to do a special sale, or event, or know about a quilting or scrapbooking or writing or painting workshop coming up in Stonington, let the rest of us know and we can gang up special promotions and try to get the word out about how special Stonington is as an off-season destination!
Looking forward to your questions, feedback, and participation.
cheers and thanks,

Linda L. Nelson

Producing Artistic Director
Opera House Arts at the Stonington Opera House
Facebook and Twitter: operahousearts
207.217.7364 (mobile)

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