Plum of a Temporary Job at 5 Star Nursery


While they have not begun selling this season at the Stonington Farmers Market on Fridays from 10AM to Noon, we anticipate 5 Star Nursery & Orchard will be arriving with their 2014 peach crop when they’re ripe. Currently, you can stop by their Bay Road, Brooklin farm for self-serve plums and wild apple cider vinegar.

Leslie and Tim would also like to let people know that they have employment opportunities available at 5 Star if you or someone you know is interested please pass this information on:

Learn about peaches, heirloom apples, pears, and cider making from MOFGA certified orchardists . Housing is available. Mid-August through October. Three days per week or 4 half days. Call Tim Seabrook and Leslie Cummins at 359-2282



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