Cheese Wizard Has Chickens & More

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Our Stonington Farmers Market founding father and president Bob Bowen (seen here hamming it up with one of his whole chickens) is the owner of Sunset Acres Farm & Dairy, a mainstay of our market. Whole chickens are just one of Bob & Anne’s specialty items available from 10AM to Noon on Fridays at the market. A wide array of meats, poultry, eggs and artisanal goat’s milk cheeses that have been described by the press as “the holy grail of cheese”. It’s not too early to pre-order your Sunset Acres Thanksgiving turkey or to sign up for your weekly subscription baskets, either. So what are you waiting for? Get in line this Friday!


2 responses to “Cheese Wizard Has Chickens & More

  1. I was finally able to get to the market Friday, and of course, I got in line for some of Bob and Ann’s delicious cheese. Yum.


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