Independence Day Market

Officially, the Stonington Farmers Market is on hiatus Friday July 4th due to the Deer Isle Parade that pretty much closes traffic down all morning. However, we received so many requests by Stonington residents to stay open that a few of the vendors have decided to accommodate those requests.
So if you can get there, you’ll still be able to shop the best farmers market in Maine from 10AM to Noon on July 4th. Happy Independence Day!


4 responses to “Independence Day Market

  1. Hello Stonington Farmers Market

    I very much enjoyed being in the Stonington Farmers Market and thank you for the opportunity to participate. I have moved out of the state of Maine and will no longer be able to participate. I wish all of you well and great success. Would you please remove my name from your e-mail list. Again, thank you and good luck. H Louise Bernstone, Pepperton’s Choice Dog Biscuits and Books


    • hi louise– we haven’t sent out any emails lately. if you are signed up to receive the posts from the website in your email then you must go to “unsubscribe” yourself from the website. you must have signed up at some point otherwise you would not be automatically receiving emails from the website. best of luck to you. katy allgeyer


  2. so I guess I would like a list of the know vendors coming on the 4th? This is going to cause grief for the market. There should be a post listing who will be there so people who read this don’t expect a variety of products. Going to rain anyhow ! Bob Bowen


  3. Iwill be setting up on the Fourth. Laura Dahlen


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