Art By Katy Featured at the Edge

© Katy Allgeyer "Eggemoggin Inn"

© Katy Allgeyer “Eggemoggin Inn”

Our vendors are getting excited to open the Stonington Farmers Market on Friday May 23rd from 10Am to Noon. We hope to see you there (TIP: bring your brollies so we’ll be guaranteed a sunny day)!

Speaking of sunshine, market vendors Waters Edge Bagels & Bread are bringing some to Stonington with their new shop on Main Street, Waters Edge Wines. It’s a combination of gourmet specialty shop, sit down cafe, and gift shop/art gallery. Click here for more information.

©Katy Allgeyer "Old Fish Factory"

©Katy Allgeyer “Old Fish Factory”

Katy Allgeyer of Art By Katy is excited to be the first artist featured in the upstairs gallery at the “Edge”. The artist’s mixed media paintings depict familiar regional scenes with a signature touch: she often adds nautical charts and topographical maps worked into the design of her paintings, sometimes in an obvious way and other times embedded subtly deep into the paint. In addition to the “Edge” gallery, Katy’s work can be seen at the Stonington Farmers Market and the Hutton Gallery and at her studio on Weed Field Road by chance or appointment.

©Katy Allgeyer "Pentagoet"

©Katy Allgeyer “Pentagoet”

This Friday on May 9th the public is invited to a Grand Opening & Wine Tasting from 4-7PM. Come see the colorful work from the Art By Katy palette while satisfying your gourmet palate…at the “Edge” this Friday night.

©Katy Allgeyer "Approaches to Blue Hill Bay"

©Katy Allgeyer “Approaches to Blue Hill Bay”


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