Pecha Kucha May 7th at OHA!

During the summer season–which begins May 23rd from 10AM to Noon— you can buy your tickets and find out what’s going on with the Opera House Arts at the Stonington Farmers Market.bHere’s what’s going on there this week:

New Businesses, Creative Ideas Showcased at Stonington Opera House
6th Annual Stonington Pecha Kucha features conversations on gleaning, design, fitness, and educational innovations

Opera House Arts will showcase eight new business and creative ideas in its 6th Down East Pecha Kucha at the Stonington Opera House Wednesday, May 7, 2014. Free, locally-raised and created snacks, beer, wine, and conversation begin at 6:30 p.m. with fast-paced, visual presentations at 7 p.m.
Presenters for May 7 include the following artists and small businesspeople from throughout Hancock County:
· Ben Barrows, Stonington, General Manager, Penobscot Bay Press. Community Calendar Innovations. Ben is a graduate of Deer Isle-Stonington High School and the School of International Service at The American University in Washington, D.C. For the past nine years, he has traveled extensively and lived, managed, and written on economic and community development projects in various locations around the world, including southeast Afghanistan, Jordan, Iraq, and throughout the Middle East region, as well as Haiti and Africa.

· Anne Douglass, Deer Isle, Healthy Island Project Director. Island Fitness. Anne has lived on the island for the past 17 years. She taught at the elementary school, and with her husband, Dana, raised two children and ran Granite Island Guide Service. She recently retired from teaching and is now the part-time director of Healthy Island Project. A jock from way back, she is very interested in not only staying physically active and fit herself, but encouraging others to do so too.

· Julie Jo Fehrle, Blue Hill, Artistic Director, Production Designer. Julie Jo was locally raised and given a lot of creative freedom growing up. Her parents believed that it was better to play with a cardboard box than with any toy that might come in it. After studying art and architecture in California and in Europe, production design seemed a natural step. She has worked mostly in New York or Los Angeles designing sets for music videos, reality shows, films and talk show. She will art-direct or redesign anything that crosses her path and looks forward to future projects and being back here in Maine.
· Sam Harrington, Stonington, Gap Year After 60: Is Reinvention Possible? Sam is a former gastroenterologist and hospital trustee from Washington, D.C. After 30-plus years of private practice, he left Washington in May 2013, to embark on the “gap year” he couldn¹t take when he was a college student during the Vietnam War. Joined by his wife, Debbie, he has spent the last year based in Stonington, writing, traveling, and reinventing himself.
· Judith Jerome, Deer Isle, writer, actor, director. Judith, a founding Artistic Director of Opera House Arts, grew up in a large Texas/Oklahoma family of righteous storytellers, and her work in theater for more than 30 years grows out of that tradition of direct I-Thou communication: telling the world as we see it, and thus creating it. At the Opera House she has directed Women and the Sea, Last Gas, many new works by other Maine playwrights. This summer, in celebration of the 75th birthday of the Deer Isle-Sedgwick Bridge, she will direct The Last Ferryman. Judith holds a PhD in Performance Studies from New York University.

· Hannah Semler, Blue Hill, Healthy Acadia Gleaning Coordinator. Hannah was born in Blue Hill and is currently back from Spain. Most recently she consulted for the City of Barcelona in setting up an international partnership to tackle food waste prevention for Barcelona’s hospitality sector. A College of the Atlantic graduate with a Masters in Science in International Food Business and Consumer Studies at the University of Kassel in Germany, she graduated with a specialization in food waste prevention. She is now engaged with managing basic community food security needs in Hancock County, while responding to private and public sector interests to create mutually-sustaining food redistribution systems.
· Todd West, Deer Isle, Deer Isle-Stonington High School Pathways Program. Todd has been the principal of Deer Isle-Stonington High School since 2007-08. During that time, the school has seen dramatic increases in its graduation rate, from a state worst 57% in 2009 to 93% and 90% in 2012 and 2013, respectively. Previously, Todd was a social studies teacher at Mount Desert Island High School. He holds a B.A. in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic and an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from the University of Maine. He resides in Deer Isle with his very patient wife and very curious first grade daughter.

· Alice Wilkinson, Deer Isle, Photographer. Alice has lived in Deer Isle for 15 years, after growing up in Brooklyn, NY, where she was a dance major at the High School of Performing Arts. Her subject matter is widely diverse, based on what she encounters. Her primary interest is in the contrast between what she expects to see and what seems to be there. She says, “Photographs do not record the truth. They only record what is seen through the lens, and that is what makes them both interesting and mysterious. You never see what happens in the next frame.”

Pecha Kucha (p-cha ka-cha) is a fast-paced, friendly social evening at which a small group of our area’s many innovators – including entrepreneurs, farmers, designers, artists, fishermen, architects, photographers, musicians, and other great idea people – will each present their newest ideas in 20 slides, for 20 seconds each. Drawing its name from the Japanese term for the sound of “chit chat,” the fun and spark of a Pecha Kucha is that it rests on a presentation format that is concise, rapid, and invigorating, inspiring “chit chat” among all attending—and firing up new ideas and excitement.

In September 2010, Opera House Arts at the Stonington Opera House, in collaboration with Schoodic Arts for All and College of the Atlantic, launched a Down East version of the event that has taken Midcoast Maine and other parts of the country by storm. More than 400 people participated in and have been inspired by the first four Stonington Pecha Kucha nights.

PechaKucha Night was devised in Tokyo in February 2003 as an event for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public. It has turned into a massive celebration, with events happening in hundreds of cities around the world, inspiring creativity worldwide.
For more information, please call 367-2788 or go to .


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  1. Could you please remind vendors that we will be starting on 23rd for the season. Also ask anyone who can to try post a notice in the windows of anyone who will allow us. Maybe someone could come forward to offer to do them all !! Looking forward to a great season.


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