Back From Aruba

El El Frijoles is putting on one last Supper Club event this year. It will be featuring flavors from Aruba.

Michael Rossney, owner of El El Frijoles, has a wonderful family history and here is a story that will truly delight you:

In 1905, my Great, Great grandfather Horace Eaton found and purchased Edgehill, the great big summer house in Sargentville that has been the anchor of 6 generations of our family, and the reason that so many of us are in Maine in the first place. Recently, an Atlanta-based syndicated radio show host’s girlfriend (try THAT for sentence structure, english majors!) found a letter inside of an antique dresser she bought. They began to talk about this letter on-air, and started a really interesting wave of interest and excitement in the story of the letter writer and his recipient (turns out to be Horace and his soon-to-be wife Emily). Read the full story by clicking here.


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