Italian Fare @ El El in March

Don’t wait til the Stonington Farmers Market is open in May to get your gourmet fare from El El Frijoles restaurant…

Well folks, it appears to be March!
I know, everyones favorite month is here at last- I know, we are all pretty excited about it. Especially the tire and alignment people, they love this time of year! I bet the travel agents would love this time of year as well, had they not all been driven out of business by Travelocity and Priceline. I mean, downeast Maine is great! We are super lucky to live here, as it is one of the nicest locales in the world, but March is the time when I would really rather be elsewhere, Italy is nice in March! Fairly warm, not too many (other) tourists, great food a fairly stable democracy, what’s not to love? Well there is the flight, I suppose. It is not cheap or easy to get to, for instance Sienna, from a place like Sargentville. It involves a fair amount of travel, as well as a good bit of time and a copious stack of Euros. Neither of which are easily found on the Peninsula at this time of the year.
Well friends, here is an alternative:


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