Bonfires & Burritos @ El El Frijoles

Here’s the latest from El El Frijoles Restaurant— one of the gourmet local food vendors at the Stonington Farmers Market:

In celebration of Maine Restaurant Week
Join us for Bonfire & Burritos on Wednesday Night!

Where would you like to go?
Thailand, Hawaii or Veracruz…
We’ll take you there!
This Wednesday:

It’s Bonfire & Burritos!
Special burritos and a large fire this Wednesday evening at EL EL FRIJOLES

Vegan, gluten-free and no-cilantro versions will be available!

Help us celebrate Maine Restaurant Week, Sargentville style-

It’s March! It is totally time to get out of town, to follow your wanderlust, to strike-out for parts unknown. March is pretty much travel season here. Perhaps it is the 5th consecutive month of freezing, gray, icy conditions, joined by the almost impassable local roads. The propane is running low, the wood is almost gone- it is time to head out to the tropical locale of your dreams for a little R&R, some beach action, a little body surfing maybe..But what if you you can’t go? Your stuck here- you’ve got students to teach, or a house to finish building, or maybe a really weird boat that has got to be in the water this summer. Then there is the very real possibility that your just about totally out of money! It has been months since you’ve had any income, and you are deep into the late winter financial austerity program that we count on each year to (hopefully) make it back to June.
We’ve got a great idea!

This Wednesday, from 3-8pm, join us for Bonfire & Burritos! We’ll have a large, warming conflagration alight in the back parking lot, and we’ll have special travel-themed burritos available for your dining pleasure! Where do want to go?
Chicken or Tofu in a brightly warming and complex Thai green curry with coconut milk with vegetables and jasmine rice
A delicious sweet and mildly spicy sriracha pork and pineapple filling, with traditional Hawaiian baked beans
Filled with the flavors of this port city on the Southern Gulf, this burrito is stuffed with haddock, poached in a mixture of tomatoes, capers and olives

Of course, we will also have a bunch of our regularly-scheduled delicious favorites (although we will have a slightly-limited menu this evening). Plus, we shall have a
Great cauldron of Mexican hot chocolate!
Warming, delicious and comforting- and who knows, it might be a pretty good place to pour a little something from your flask?

Please, won’t you join us? We’ll be here from 3pm to 8pm for your dining and partying pleasure. Feel free to bring along your guitar or your pan flute, an old christmas tree or a few pallets and a carload of your compatriots! We look forward to seeing you-

And Stay Tuned for our March Supper Club menu, in your In-Box Tuesday morning at 8:00!
Call us with your questions at 359.2486


One response to “Bonfires & Burritos @ El El Frijoles

  1. can we bring wine ?


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