Lucy’s Back From San Francisco


News from Stonington Farmers Market vendor Lucy’s Granola (that’s Lucy on the left in picture above):

I went to San Francisco for the Fancy Food Show a few weeks ago and had a perfect time. There were six companies under the kind auspices of the Maine International Trade Center and everyone had a great show and did really well. We had non-stop fun and were fed incredible amounts of lobster by sweet Caitlin of Shucks, choc by Kate at Bixby Bars, gelato by Josh and team at Gelato Fiasco, Stonington Seafoods and my usual show companion, Abby at Northwoods Gourmet Girl.

I still have some jars left from Christmas if anyone wants a gift of granola or toffee in Weck jars – they really looked great. Just call or email to discuss prices. I’ll add a 4oz bag and a delicious yet misshapen toffee bar to every order over $40. See you soon and thanks as ever,
Your Granola Friend, Lucy


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