Lucy’s Granola Newsletter

Our Stonington Farmers Market vendors have a life in winter, too, ya know! Here’s the latest newsletter from vendor Lucy’s Granola:

Yesterday I was driving home and had to stop the car to listen to the most amazing noise.

Dear Granola Friends

Yesterday I was driving home and had to stop the car to listen to the most amazing noise. The trees were all cracking and creaking as the ice split and fell off the branches which it had been coating for the previous two weeks. We had a terrible ice storm just before Christmas and had no power here for over a week. It happened to be the same day we were driving to DC, broke down twice, had to rent a car, struggled through the ice storm, kids joining us were on cancelled flights etc etc but after a few days we all arrived and had a wonderful, warm, stimulating, happy and very well fed time. No granola could be made back in Maine as the generator (lucky the house came with one) had to be kept on standby to heat the house so the pipes did not freeze etc.

School started today but was delayed due to terrible rain which is melting the beautiful fluffy snow (the 12″ that cancelled school on Friday) and which is going to totally freeze tonight. Luckily our brave granola elves are good at fighting the elements and are making fresh delicious granola to start your New Year off well and healthily. Let us know what you would like and we’ll mail it out by return.

Thank you so much to all of you who ordered for the holidays. I hope everything arrived happily and on time – let me know if there are any problems with anything and I’ll fix them (or try to).

I hope you all have healthy and fulfilling years – I think 2014 has a great ring to it. I resolved to try and be the sort of mother that plays more games with the kids (I hate playing games but Sam loves to), is generally nicer all round and eats less chocolate. I hope someone out there resolves to eat more granola!

Your cold and damp friend

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