Winter Events at El El Frijoles


Feliz año nuevo

Happy New Year, Y’all

Buon anno

Visit Quebec!

Renewal, Celebration, Reflection, Longevity, Virility, Prosperity, Fortune…


 These are all popular sentiments wished for the the New Year. It’s hard to not get behind the idea of renewal when looking at a brand new calendar, and who doesn’t like the idea of a little extra prosperity or a bit of virility, right? As I write this we are just stepping off into the year 2014, which for a lot of us sounds like a ridiculously high number. While considering the New year, and the way us humans relate to it, it is interesting to find this almost universal need to pick a point in time as a reference with which to view past and future. It’s really just another morning, but there is something about the human condition that seems to want to mark time, to look for some line of demarcation with which to track our progress through life. And why not- Who doesn’t like a good party? The New Year has always provided ample material for celebration. Heck, more than a million people are herded into pens in Times Square to wait for 13 hours in sub-freezing temperatures? Not for me, but it does illustrate the length to which some will go for a little communal acknowledgment of a calendar event. Personally, a chilly walk between venues in Metropolitan Blue Hill to hear local treasures Noel Paul Stookey and the Amalgamated Pan Bands is just about right on. Of course, this from a guy that runs a Taqueria from an unheated barn in the woods.
In any case, here in our first Email communique of 2014 we have some important stuff to share with you:


Winter Taqueria Hours: 

 Yup, we are open during the winter! Really! Our hours are Wednesday and Thursday, from 11:00 am until 7:00 pm. We are serving most of our regular menu minus a few things here and there, and Michele makes a new Daily Special, well, every day. And by special, I mean Special- these tend to be a little off the reservation, as far as Taqueria food goes. It might be a Thai Curry Soup, or a Chicken Pot Pie or Meatloaf Sandwiches or Fried Chicken and Waffles. Get it? kinda odd, sorta fun stuff to eat in the depth of winter. Comfort food, but made our way, with the best ingredients we can find around here (or fly in from far, far away, as needed). If you find yourself out and about and in need of a delicious hot lunch, or if you need to get out of the cabin for a bottle of wine and some tacos, or if it’s your turn to make dinner and a sack full of carnitas burritos sounds like a good plan- we’re here for ya! We post our specials every day on our Facebook page (with photos!) or just give us a call to inquire.

January’s Supper Club:

 It is time to begin our 7th season of Supper Club Dinners! I can hardly believe it myself, but we have really been doing this for 7 years already. And the rest of the food world has come a long way too- there are Supper Clubs and Farm Dinners and Wine Dinners and Barn Suppers all over the place these days. There is a LOT of access to high-quality, inspired, local food around here these days. When we first started doing this, we frankly had no idea if it would work. Would people really be interested in sitting together with random strangers to share a Prix-Frix meal in a barn? Well, as it turns out, yup! In the years since we started this, we have served a lot of interesting and inspired Mexican food, but we also did that Japanese royal feast ( hooray for sushi and tempura!) there was that British Club night with the Scotch eggs and salmon wellington, and last-season’s most popular dinner, the French Country meal. Good times, good times…It is pretty awesome to have a venue where we can do practically anything we like and there is a dedicated, interested group of folks who will come and share it with us. So thanks for that!
 So I am pleased to announce that for January, Michele has decided to take y’all on a culinary tour of New Years celebratory cuisine from around the globe:
 As always, reservations are a must and are expected to go quickly. Please call us at 207.359.2486 to make a reservation. Don’t email us, or IM us or Facebook us, just call us. The only way we can equitably (and reliably) manage our reservation “system” is by utilizing the good ol’ telephone. As always, dinners start promptly at 7:00 pm, go and have a conversation with this guy before you arrive and we’ll accept almost any form of payment!

Frozen Burritos?

 Sure, why not? Everything else is frozen solid, right? In lieu of our traditional fundraising “Burrito Nights”, we are offering 6-packs of all our burritos all the time now. Lovingly prepared, bagged and frozen solid, these guys are just the thing to have in your freezer for a special winter meal, some unexpected company, if the kids come home or if you need a delicious lunch at work. Call us to order, and we’ll whip up a batch for you in a jiffy. 
As always, thanks for your time and your support- We’d be stuck without you!
-Michael, Michele and Jasper

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