Minutes From Annual Meeting

Stonington Farmers Market
​Aug 31, 2013

The Fall meeting of vendors was held after the market , Aug. 30, 2013.

Pres. Bob Bowen reported that he had heard nothing but good things from the Town of Stonington about the market and it’s operation. The town’s investment in drainage in the ball-field to provide for parking, as well as permanent signage around town promoting and directing traffic to the market is a testament to Town support generally. The Town Manager visited the market several times during the summer.

The meeting expressed appreciation to Caty Frazier for her work as treasurer despite the frustrations of collecting from non=-payers. Bob suggested that such frustrations should have been brought to his attention earlier, so as to lighten the load of the Treasurer’s job for Caty. Mike Rossney suggested that all fees both application and setup fees, be in the Treasurer’s hands bythe start of the market in May. This suggestion was further refined duringthe discussion that all fees be paid by March 15th, 2014, the date that applications are due, on the understanding that should any applications be rejected for any reason, the fees paid would be promptly refunded This further refinement of fee payments was unanimously approved by the vendors present.

On this basis, Bob asked Caty Frazier if she would reconsider her decision to step aside as Treasurer, in the absence of anyone else volunteering for the position. On the basis of fees being prepaid, Caty agreed to her reappointment which was unanimously approved as was the reappointment of Bob Bowen as President and the undersigned as V.P./Sec.

Mike Rossney discussed the application process and the work of the application committee at some length. There was one representative from one of the short list of potential vendors on the waiting list who asked if there was any “preference’ given to
local or Stonington entities. Mike said there was no such policy and that all applications were treated as fairly as possible. Mike said that the applications committee met several times during the winter and early spring and that new volunteer members for the applications committee were welcome.

Caty Frazier gave the Treasurer’s report. The market overall took in $1,617 more in funds than was expended during the 2013 season. The accumulated bank balance ,
However, is quite large: over $9,800 with some additional funds still expected.

Mike and others suggested that we should perhaps consider some significant contribution or donation to some Deer Isle entity which might be in need of funding. It was suggested that a former committee which had looked into such donations some years ago be re-established. The undersigned volunteered to lead that effort. A former member of that committee, Nancy Hill as well as Herman Kidder agreed to be members.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 1:30 PM.
Respectfully submitted: CHH


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