Annual SFM Meeting Next Friday

Hi Market Vendors,

We decided next week should be our annual meeting as it is the last full one probably. There will be elections to deal with, reports and the possibility of another Stonington market in the works. Should we try to deal with it ??

Also, any complaints anyone has should go to the membership committee or myself. Am sorry the dues paying didn’t go as well as we had hoped. Some haven’t paid, others won’t pay (nor return next year) and our terrific treasurer Caty Frazier is stepping down.So we need a qualified treasurer to come forward at the annual meeting and we need to iron out the payment details.

Please pass the word to all vendors and let’s get good attendance at the meeting.
Warm regards
Bob B.

Meeting will be held immediately following next Friday’s Stonington Farmers Market inside the Island Community Center. It is not mandatory to attend but if you care about your market and want your voice to be heard, this is the time and the place to be.


2 responses to “Annual SFM Meeting Next Friday

  1. I’m unclear as to the date this post was written, so I don’t know when the meeting is. I’m swamped with gardening and don’t think I’ll make it to a market until the last weekend in June, and given what Bob wrote, am unclear as to whether or not that will work.


    • Helena— this was posted on August 24, 2013. You can see the time and date stamp just under the title of the post for future reference. We always hold annual meeting at END of the season. See you at the market!


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