millbrook resty an early hit

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 6.44.58 PMCheck out the reviews of Jill Smith’s Millbrook Company restaurant (with lots of pics!) by clicking here.  Jill is a longtime vendor at the Stonington Farmers Market aka the best farmers market in Maine! Be sure to come down this Friday and EVERY Friday from 10AM to Noon to see what all the fuss is about.

Just sayin’.  You’ll have a wicked good time if you do.



2 responses to “millbrook resty an early hit

  1. Hey, that’s my blog you’ve linked to — Thanks! I cover delightful, under-the-radar, sometimes new, sometimes been around awhile stuff in the mid coast area. I’m writing about the local farmers’ markets too, a post about the Deer Isle market goes up tomorrow. Stonington is on the list…


    • thank you kathryn! be sure to meet bob bowen of sunset acres as he is our market leader and can give you more info when you cover our market. mid- august is wjhen you will find it really hopping with upwards of 1200 visitors in two hours!


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