Cinco de Mayo at El El Frijoles!

The Stonington Farmers Market is home to farmers and gourmet food vendors alike. Here’s what is happening this week at market member El El Frijoles Restaurant!
Riding the cusp between the dull, frozen darkness of winter, and the humid, crazy-busy, humanity-laden swarm that is a Maine summer is our 6th Annual Cinco de Mayo fiesta. For 6 years we have been ringing in the spring with a few cold beers, an amazing meal and a tacit nod to the unlikely defeat of the french army at the battle of Pueblo. We’ve even been known to beat little cardboard effigies of dinosaurs until they relinquish their cargo of mysterious Mexican treats! Seriously, few groups know better how to get out and enjoy the flavor of a new season than the folks of Downeast Maine, and here is the perfect opportunity in which to do so.
Come on by Sunday, May 5th, between 3 and 8pm for a nice meal (grilled citrus-marinated El Pollo Loco chicken (or our Vegan option!), rice, beans, warm tortillas, green salad and a tasty dessert), a little sit around the fire pit (marshmallows are on the House, yo!) and a few of whatever you bring to drink (Here’s a hint, go see this guy…). We should have the piñata up by then, and as always we will be serving free cheese quesadillas to your children if they don’t want to eat the adult meal. And there will of course be lots of interesting and stimulating conversation, because all of your friends will be here too!
-No reservations! You shouldn’t have any, and we won’t be taking any. Just show up and eat!
-Bring your friends.
-Bring your kids, we’ll make sure they eat, and they can run around until well past their bedtime.
-Bring a sweater, ’cause it’s sweater weather.
-Call us if you have any more questions!

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