Party Time at El El Frijoles–Upcoming Events

Some news from Stonington Farmers Market vendor El El Frijoles:

Happy Fall!
There is so much to tell you about in this one, short message, that we are going to skip the light-hearted banter entirely and delve immediately into the heart of our message-
As it is officially Autumn, it is time for the 7th annual Foliage Food and WIne Festival! Presented by the good people of the Blue Hill Peninsula Chamber of Commerce. This 10-day festival includes a whole mess of food, farm, foliage and art-related activities nicely spread about the entire peninsula. This year, the Chamber has thought to move the Big Event, the Taste of the Peninsula, to the begining weekend of the festival. And so we shall commence celebrating the Fall season this coming Saturday from 11-3 on the beautifully manicured grounds of the Mainescape Garden Center in Blue Hill. This is a super-fun event (see the above photo from last year’s event!), with lots of live music, some socializing, a lot of wine and beer and cider to taste, and pretty much every one of the terrific, world-class food producers from our peninsula on hand to share samples of their best stuff. I know that Kate will be there with her amazing chocolates and Frank and Tanya will be there sampling those phenominal locally-produced oysters. We’ll be there with free samples of all of our famous salsas (and maybe a few special varieties) and we’ll have delicious tacos available, hot and ready to eat, filled either with local, seasonal veggies, or our famous spicy pork Carnitas. We will also have plenty of containers of all our salsas ready for purchase to take home and enjoy (perhaps in front of your crackiling fire with a flight of vintage tequilas?). Food, wine, music, some artfully-assembled, fall-themed botanical arrangements- this is the real deal! Oh yeah, did I mention the free child activites area? Where your Kinder can frolic and revel in a host of seasonally-appropriate entertaining and educational activities managed by the folks at The Bay School? The only thing missing is a Chowder Contest…..Oh, wait, we’ve got one of those going on too!
In any event, you owe it to yourself to come on down and spend an aftrnoon embracing what really is the best part about living here in Maine, the comunal sharing of natural beauty, good food and music.

And next, we have:
As one of our favorite parts of the Foliage Food and Wine Festival, we get to play with The Blue Hill Inn and The Blue Hill WIne Shop to present these two amazing evenings of food, wine and fun. These dinners have sold out pretty early every time we’ve done them, so if this looks like something you might be interested in, call Sarah at the Inn right away for a reservation!


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