It’s a SNAP–Attn all Vendors

To: Members of the Stonington Farmers Market

From: Court Haight

As requested, I have done some research on the necessary steps to apply for an EBT/debit/credit/wireless POS (point of sale) terminal as well as the procedure for the

SNAP Program.

The SNAP Program works reasonably well if the market or the individual managing the SNAP Program for the market has the wireless POS terminal. To participate in the SNAP program on a manual basis requires very onerous paperwork required by the Fed and State govts, and is not recommended.

The deal with obtaining the POS terminal is the registration for an“FNS number” for the market. Also, the state (DHHS) requires the market’s bank account information (Acc’t number and bank routing number) to receive monthly reimbursement from the state for SNAP transactions. More critical is the registration for the FNS number to qualify and apply for a POS terminal. This requires an individual vendor to register as “representative” for the market, and that individual becomes the“responsible party” who personally agrees to abide and comply with all FNS rules and guidelines. This process requires the individual to register his or her SSN # and photo I.D. etc.. This is a situation which I do not relish at all, unless someone else among you is willing to step forward to offer to be the “Responsible party”. I am also informed by Colleen Hanlon-Smith of the Maine Federation of Farmers Markets that the government will accept applications for the FNS number from the market itself, provided the market has a registered federal EIN number, which I doubt we have, as I do not recall having to provide such when the original bank account for the market was set up many years ago. Caty Frazier—can you confirm whether the market has it’s own EIN #?

I have tried in vain to contact the Washington/Hancock County Community Agency

Who is apparently assisting in the establishment of the SNAP Program for the Ellsworth and Milbridge Farmers Markets.

That’s all I have on this subject at this time. I will continue my research further.

I am sending a copy of this report to Colleen at the MFFM for her information.


Additional Info:

Hi Court and All-

How are you?
Court’s info is correct. Please do let me know if the Market has an EIN number. If not, it is fairly easy to get one and I highly suggest it as using your SSN # can cause some extra legwork around tax time.
I’d also like to figure out a time to meet with the Market. Is there an annual meeting on the calendar yet?
If the Market chooses to move forward with a SNAP program it would be great to share some info from other market’s experiences and take a look at how the Market can sustain the program and make it a success.
Court- I’ll get you in touch with Sarah Joy at WHCAP/DownEast Business Alliance immediately following this email.
I am “on vacation” this week and the beginning of next in Oregon. I’ll be back in Maine on the 12th. I will be checking email off and on this coming week so please do let me know about that EIN #.
Thank you, all!

One response to “It’s a SNAP–Attn all Vendors

  1. thank you courtney for taking on this task


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