Thank You For Making Us Famous!

Last Friday a television crew came down to film our Stonington Farmers Market. September 29th we had 217 unique hits to our website. What does all this mean? We are being recognized and discovered as the best farmers market in Maine because of our size, our quality, our diversity, and our energy! Congratulations to the vendors of the Stonington Farmers Market for their part in making Friday mornings in Stonington the “must be” destination of the Downeast region. We want to remind all of our regulars and newbies alike that our vendors can be found online all year long via our dynamic website, too.


2 responses to “Thank You For Making Us Famous!

  1. OUTSTANDING…no small part due to your enthusiastic web mastering! Thanks again Katy for all you do for all of us.
    The only thing coming up for me is The E.A.S.T in Austin. The East Austin Studio Tour (great web site) …it is the 10th thru the 18th of November…visits to Pine Street Station web site… will have some images. It takes both of the three day weekends to get to the over 350 working studio, gallery, and outdoor presentations…lots of activities planned from a bicycle circus to aerial acts from bridges. It gets bigger every year!!!
    Great places to stay, and of course wonderful live music everywhere you go…as well as the spontaneous eruptions of gastronomic extraordinariness from the hundreds of mobile eateries ….well worth a jet blue ticket to come enjoy some warm weather before the blasts of your northern winter.


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