Hour Market Takes More than 2

As we say goodbye this week (Oct 5th 10AM to Noon is the final Stonington Farmers Market day of 2013) to all our regulars and thank you to all of our guests who make our market great, we thought you might like to know what goes into our “2 hours” every Friday in season.

Vendors with food trucks like Lobster Shack spend hours to thoroughly wash out their truck every market, catch and prepare and gather from other fishing sources their seafood products, make sure they have items ready for people who’ve preordered. Vendors with farms like Blue Zee or Hackamatack have to get up predawn to harvest the produce, wash and dry it, and prepare to display it in their market stalls—all this requires hours of time and energy. Floral vendors such as Dan’s Flower Farm and Sweetgrass Studio also go out earlier that morning to gather blooms and arrange them attractively for their customers. Bakers like Tinderhearth, Millbrook Company and Daily Bread  or Waters Edge Bagels & Bread are baking for hours each day before they even get to the Stonington Farmers Market. And if the weather report is rainy, must prepare for spoilage of their baked goods. Craft vendors with paper goods have to watch out for rain and fog, too, as Art By Katy and Island Soaps, and Island Inspirations can attest to. Specialty food vendors like El El Frijoles or Far East Cuisine are cooking up prepared food for hours ahead of the market. Meanwhile every vendor spends a good deal of time and effort putting up their tent and display. Many a vendor is suffering from back problems from all the heavy lifting. And most of them attend more than one farmers market per week—some as many as 3, 4, 5 or even 6 markets in order to make a living. We want you to know how much we appreciate your patronage and we thank you for spending your time and your dollars with us at the Stonington Farmers Market.


One response to “Hour Market Takes More than 2

  1. It was a lovely summer…sorry to everyone for leaving a few weeks early …always difficult for me to leave Maine behind for another winter.

    Looking forward to a short winter season, so I can return Bright, and Shiny with a lot of new glass next May…winter well everyone!!! …and thanks for another wonderful summer in Stonington.

    Marcie and her Bluemoon Market Arts


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