Vendor Update for Friday Sept 21st

When you come down this Friday from 10AM to Noon to the Stonington Farmers Market here are a few vendors that will not be there this time around:

Jorge Casteneda of JC Turnings

Bette and Ken Kral of Watersedge Bagels

Hannah Gossard of HG Pottery

Iana Cranewing of Sweetgrass Studio

Geoffrey Warner of Geoffrey Warner Studio

The above vendors will be coming back after Common Ground Fair. The below vendors are done for the season:

Mary Eaton of Dream Weaver

Cathy Hart of Cathy Hart Jewelry & Repair

Caty Frazier of Lobster Shack

There may be a few we’ve missed but there are still plenty more vendors to see this week and we’ll be open through mid October. Thank you for your patronage!


One response to “Vendor Update for Friday Sept 21st

  1. I’ll be there with my glass but it will be my last Stonington Market for the season…I will however be in Brooksville Tuesday morning and Deer Isle Village on Wednesday morning! Hope to See You if I miss any one Have a great winter and I’ll see you next year!!


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