What a Rascal!

Did you know that the Stonington Farmers Market is the best farmers market in Maine? Did you further know that we are a dog friendly destination? Ha! Tell that to this guy. He’s never allowed to go to the market! His name is Rascal and he’s been missing his mama while she’s at work. So…that being said, Caty Frazier and her Lobster Shack will not be coming to the Stonington Farmers Market for the rest of the season because Rascal needs some serious play time. But you can still get your Lobster Shack seafood —you may call ahead to order  207-367-5059 or email jericho8@myfairpoint.net. Lobster Shack orders can be picked up from their location a short drive up the road from the farmers market. Contact Caty for directions and pre-ordering.


2 responses to “What a Rascal!

  1. That’s a cute story – I’d have offered to take him around and then deliver him and pick up my order at noon. Maybe I’ll get to meet him when I pick up my order at your house.


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