The Path From Stonington Starts Here

If you’re visiting Stonington and want to walk to the Stonington Farmers Market, you may do so by starting at Pink Street (next to Boyce’s Motel). Just walk to the end of the street up the hill until you see the footpath that takes you to the parking lot behind the Island Community Center. The market vendors are set up on the other side of the building. It’s a short easy walk for most of us but if you’ve got mobility issues we suggest driving to the main entrance on Sunset Ave. From town that means taking the hill next to the Opera House and continuing til you get to the top of the hill, drive past Suzie Q’s restaurant, and then you’ll see the market on the right. Please drop off your passengers and then park at the field on the left hand side. Every Friday in season rain or shine from 10AM to Noon you’ll find the best produce and crafts vendors in Maine at the Stonington Farmers Market.


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