Lining Up For Lobster Shack

One of the most convenient things about the Stonington Farmers Market is that our local fisherman Captain Perley Frazier sells his lobster catch from the Lobster Shack truck that he runs with his wife Caty.

Lobster Shack sells a variety of fresh caught seafood products and if they don’t have what you’re looking for you can always request it as a special order via phone (207-367-5059). The truck is always parked at the top of the hill market entrance on Fridays from 10AM to Noon and you can easily find it by the long line of customers shopping for fish and lobster! Caty is our volunteer bookkeeper for the Stonington Farmers Market, too.   If you like Lobster Shack as much as we do, go to their facebook page and “like” them there, too!


4 responses to “Lining Up For Lobster Shack

  1. Yup, there’s always a line and I always call ahead for something essential to the near-future meals. They’re the best for sure.


  2. Caroline–Many thanks for taking the time to post a comment on our website. It’s people like you who shop the best farmers market in Maine that keep us going. Thanks for supporting our local economy and spreading the word about your favorite vendors.


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